RM Partners is developing a series of projects focusing on achieving earlier diagnosis through improving cancer awareness in primary care.

Improving screening in marginalised groups

Together with Kingston Public Health, we are piloting the approach of utilising a community development worker to help improve cancer screening rates for marginalised groups, such as people with learning difficulties.

Safety nettingĀ 

Safety netting encompasses a range of methods, including verbal, written and electronic. Historically, GPs have implemented verbal and written safety netting methods. There is currently wide variation in approaches and practices are asking for practical solutions about how to safety net.

RM Partners is working with the NW London Primary Care Cancer Board to pilot an electronic cancer safety netting tool. The aim is to ensure that patients at higher risk of cancer are monitored and followed up to reduce the number of emergency presentations, and to increase the number of cancers detected at an earlier stage.

We have hosted learning workshops for GPs in Brent, Harrow and Hillingdon CCGs taking part in the pilot, to show them how to safety net in their practice by using existing electronic tools on their systems. Additionally, an online tutorial has been produced for these practices to provide further information to help improve confidence in using EMISweb for safety netting.

The online tutorial is available here.