RM Partners is putting patients, their families and carers at the heart of service planning, delivery and on-going improvement. Our patient experience programme of work aims to get meaningful and representative patient engagement in a range of ways and to put patient experience on a par with clinical effectiveness.

We have established the RM Partners Patient Advisory Group, who will advise on all aspects of RM Partners work, and the RM Partners Patient Experience Group, who will work to improve patient experience.

RM Partners Patient Advisory Group (PAG)

The RM Partners Patient Advisory Group has been established to work closely with and provide strategic leadership, challenge and advice on all matters relating to patient leadership, quality assurance including patients’ experience of care, patient involvement in service design and improvement, and tackling inequalities in care.

For more information please contact Fiona Carr, Fiona.Carr3@nhs.net

RM Partners Patient Experience Group (PEG)

The RM Partners Patient Experience Group, consisting of Trust lead cancer nurses, has been established to:

  • Improve patient experience and ensure that it is put on a par with clinical effectiveness
  • Progress equal access to high standard patient experience across west London
  • Provide patient experience expertise and share best practice across west London
  • Be responsible for identifying unwarranted variation in patients’ experiences of cancer services and work on ways to reduce it
  • Explore patient experience with certain ethnic groups to identify ways to increase access to services
  • Identify and implement specific nursing workforce initiatives that show the highest impact on patient experience
  • Ensure that patient feedback data informs the development of cancer service improvement programmes across RM Partners

For more information about the PEG programme of work, please contact Sophia Hashmy, sophia.hashmy@nhs.net