RM Partners is developing a series of digital solutions to improve and transform the care of cancer patients. There are currently three projects underway to enable cross site sharing of patient data, to smooth the transfer of care from secondary to tertiary care, and to help identify patients in primary care at higher risk of cancer.

Health Information Exchange for Cancer

The NHS Healthy London Partnership (HLP) is currently developing a Health and Care Information Exchange which will provide a platform to enable all London NHS and social care providers to access and to share patient documentation based on agreed pathways.

RM Partners is working with HLP to develop a solution for cancer services. The project has identified and prioritised a selection of document types, which each of the provider Trusts in west London will begin to share via the central exchange.

This aims to reduce administrative delays when a patient’s care is transferred from one Trust to the next and will allow clinicians to be better informed when patients present in unplanned circumstances.

 Inter-Trust Transfers (ITT) Digital Solution

To complement the exchange of documents via the Health Information Exchange, RM Partners is exploring a digital solution to support the transfer of patients between secondary and tertiary providers. This project will develop protocols to support a cancer patient’s transfer of care in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Primary Care Risk Stratification Tool

The Cancer Vanguard and Merck, Sharpe and Dohme (MSD) are collaborating to deliver a risk stratification tool to be used in primary care to identify patients who have a high risk of cancer. The tool uses validated QCancer algorithms to calculate these risk scores.

The main aim is to diagnose patients earlier and reduce emergency admissions due to late stage presentation. We are working with a west London CCG to develop a model for patient recall and to then pilot and evaluate this approach. If successful, the model will be replicable across other CCGs across west London.

For more information on digital solutions please contact Tim Bill, senior project manager, at Timothy.Bill@nhs.net