RM Partners is the Cancer Vanguard’s local delivery system across north west and south west London and covers a population of 3.9 million people. We work with health organisations across north west and south west London, NHS acute trusts,  clinical commissioning groups, specialised commissioning, community services, hospices, and third sector and voluntary organisations.

RM Partners aims to transform the model of care to rise to the challenges of the Five Year Forward View. It has been tasked with radically restructuring the cancer care systems across west London to place the patient at the heart of service planning and delivery.

Our key objective is to improve cancer care by closing the three gaps identified in the Five Year Forward View: the gap in health and well being; in care and quality; and in funding.

We will achieve this by focusing on six main work priorities:

  • Improving survival through earlier diagnosis and detection. This will include the implementation of straight to test initiatives, championing pilot screening programmes, developing multi-disciplinary clinics for vague symptoms, and enabling patient self referral.
  • Reducing unwanted variation through the development and implementation of best practice guidelines and protocols that standardise pathways and treatments.
  • Improving patient/family experience, engagement and leadership experience by putting patients at the heart of cancer service improvements.
  • Improving the care and experience of those patients living with and beyond cancer by ensuring implementation of the recovery plan, including holistic needs assessment, treatment summaries and care plans.
  • Ensuring improved access to 7 day specialist palliative care services and 24/7 end of life care, including provision of end of life care in the community and development of Advance Care Planning.
  • Ensuring financial sustainability by improving utility and reducing excess costs, for instance by sharing workforce resources.

To achieve our objectives we have set ourselves an ambitious programme of work which can be grouped under three overarching themes:

  • Transforming the clinical model of delivery through the use of early diagnostics and appropriate treatment to improve survival, as well as providing the Recovery Package to improve the health and well-being of those living with and beyond cancer. We will develop and roll out best practice, evidence based pathways for our key tumour groups.
  • Implementing enabling infrastructure, such as the use of replicable dashboards, outcomes measurement and shared reporting as well as standardisation of treatment will help to reduce inequitable variations in care across geographical areas.
  • Changing the system architecture by developing single budgets and lead provider models, establishing alliances of shared accountability, and strengthening and streamlining commissioning across the system will allow for more efficient use of resources.

Our priorities are consistent with those of our constituent STPs in north west and south west London, and our work plans to deliver world class cancer services are aligned.

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